23 Pictures of Shipping Container Homes

“But with a little imagination, the shipping container becomes a cheap, reliable building block that can be used to build chic little getaway homes and castles of majesty alike!”

full article with 23 pictures

Screen shot 2014-04-03 at 12.41.43 PM


These contemporary shipping container homes are quite reliable and easy to locate from what I’ve heard.  If  I were thinking of investing in a home on a small budget, I would start here. Shipping containers usually range from $1500-3000 used and around $2500-5000 new.



2 responses to “23 Pictures of Shipping Container Homes

  1. There are some hazardous material issues that need to be checked out with a shipping container, to make sure it’s not carrying lead paint, asbestos seals, etc.

    • You’re definitely right about some of the shipping containers being used for hazardous materials. For anyone looking to buy shipping containers try first off to buy from a reputable source that will let you know how the container was previously used. I will be making another post soon about steps involving purchasing a container. Thanks for the comment Jeff!

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