Everything you wanted to know about Apis Mellifera (European Honey Bee)

  I’ve always had a fascination the honey bee.  It’s always seemed like an insect that would always be part of human life.  Unfortunately right now these bees are endangered from pesticides, urban development, and war against the africanized honey bee(killer bee). We all need to do our part to bring back these lovely creatures that are one of the most important parts of the food cycle and our everyday lives. Do you ever eat honey, almonds, oranges, or apricots?  To only list a few of the plants that honey bees pollinate I bet you have had something on the list in the past 24 hours. We all need to realize that the age of waste has to end and we need to take care of our planet and resources and not take them for granted.


2 responses to “Everything you wanted to know about Apis Mellifera (European Honey Bee)

  1. This is awesome!

    To add to this post. For more information on bees and their disappearance check out the documentary, More Than Honey, available now on Netflix.

    • This documentary is fantastic and gives a great overview of the current state of the honey bee and our environment! Thanks for the comment!

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