Dr. Cornel West Tells Us About Race, Values and Lives Worth Living

“Ask yourselves what it means to be human? We begin with courage, a willingness to cut against the grain, to be committed to something bigger than us.” Dr. Cornel West – 2012

“You choose to be a certain kind of human being between womb and tomb and you bear witness to it. When you bear witness to it day in and day out and month in and month out. Low and behold people say he is the real thing.  He is candid.  He has been tested which means he has a testimony. Not that he is perfect, not that he is pure not one of  us is free of spot or wrinkle. We’re all wrestling with these various evils inside of us; the male supremacy inside of me, the anti-semitism inside of me, the homophobia inside of me.  Even if I fight it everyday and I call out for help. I need to be with others, organize with others, answerable, accountable, and responsible to others who will engage in socratic dialogue and critique of me but with critique with aim of encouraging and empowering me and its not about name calling or finger pointing. Its about how do we come together with the deepest level of humanity. We say yes we choose to keep track of humanity, our talents our capacities, create work places where we respect one another.”  Dr. Cornel West – 2012


Dr. Cornel West is awe inspiring.  We need more people like him in the world.  People who are willing to discuss the problems that we are encountering in our daily lives whether it is politically correct to talk about it or not.


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