The Plant Chicago’s own Sustainable Project

“The Plant is a new kind of organization in a very old building. We’re working to show what truly sustainable food production and economic development looks like by farming inside an old meatpacking facility, incubating small craft food businesses, brewing beer and kombucha, and doing it all using only renewable energy that we make onsite. By connecting outputs of one business to the inputs of another, we are harnessing value from materials that most people would throw away. Feel free to take a look around: get a general overview of The Plant and learn more from our FAQ, or come by for a tour or to volunteer. We’re glad you’re here!”

If you live in Chicago please go check out The Plant!  It’s a great project for the community and for the future.

I have done the tour and its totally worth it!  They take you throughout the inner workings of the facility.  It isn’t complete as a whole but if you’re interested you can volunteer your time to The Plant to learn how they run the company.


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