FreddieW (Rocket Jump) Partners with Lionsgate

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 11.50.55 AM

“Lionsgate is partnering with YouTube phenomenon Freddie Wong on a new multi-year film, television and digital content alliance, the studio announced on Monday. Under the pact, Wong’s company, RocketJump Studios will get access to Lionsgate’s marketing and distribution heft, while the studio will be able to tap into the YouTube videos and filmmaking talent. In Wong and RocketJump, Lionsgate  gain entree to 6.8 million subscribers and nearly a billion views across all platforms. Wong’s success at building a brand on these emerging platforms and the popularity of his web series, “Video Game High School,” has not gone unnoticed by major studios, but so far he has largely resisted Hollywood’s entreaties, preferring to go it alone and retain more creative control.  Instead he’s often turned to crowd-funding sites like Indiegogo to bankroll his work.”

Check out Video Game High School on netflix and!


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