Singing Plant – Make your Plant Sing with Arduino

“This project is a part of experiments done while doing an artist in residence at Instructables. You can see the other projects here.

Making a plant sing has been a trick since the Theremin was invented. Here I am going to teach you how to do this with and arduino board, a gameduino shield and a the touch shield from my previous instructable.

A short introduction to capacitance
If two objects are conductive you can measure the capacitance between them (e.g. objects like: metal, water, human bodies and plants). By connecting a capacitance sensor to a plant we can detect if people are touching it and convert the touch into sound. Normally you would do this with a theremin like interface. ”


This is such a cool project, we live in a world where so many atoms, molecules, and energy are always traveling around us that can’t be seen with the naked eye.  One day we will be able to harness the power that our bodies and other biological materials create.  This is a great project to work on Arduino with as well.  I will be posting a couple of articles about Arduino with Micro Controllers so keep an eye out!


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