How to Make Natural Powder Blush


Happy Earth Day!!!

And since it’s a day to celebrate our wonderful planet, for the ladies here’s an easy and natural recipe for blush that leaves you feeling good knowing what you’re putting on  your skin.

 All you really need is some beet root powder, but you can customize your shade using some other natural ingredients, as well.

To make beet root powder, first boil or bake a few beets, then peel them, cut them into thin strips, and dehydrate them using an oven or a dehydrator. If you use an oven, you’ll want to keep it at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, with the door propped open to avoid moisture buildup. After 8-10 hours, they should be fully dehydrated. To turn them into a powder, put them in a food processor until you have a fine powder.

If you don’t own a dehydrator or an oven that works at such low temperatures, feel free to purchase beet root powder instead. You should be able to find some at your health food or vitamin store or online if not. Try to find an organic kind if possible — like this. If it comes in capsule form, just pull the capsules open to release the powder, then discard the empty capsules.

To customize your shade, you can add arrowroot flower to lighten it, cocoa powder to darken it, and ground ginger to add a little shimmer! Play around with different shades until you find what works best for you. I personally love bright pink blush, so I like using beet root powder in its pure form.

Source: How To Make Natural Powdered Blush | Free People Blog


2 responses to “How to Make Natural Powder Blush

  1. This is so interesting – thank you for posting! Sounds so fun and a great thing to do for earth day – I’ll definitely try this 😀 ❤

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