Awesome Bands You May Not Have Heard

Young Blood Brass Band

The band’s founding members, sousaphonist Nat McIntosh and snare drummer/lyricist David Henzie-Skogen, both went to Oregon High School and first played together in 1994. The band came together in 1995 as the One Lard Biskit Brass Band, subsequently releasing the album Better Recognize locally. The Youngblood name dates from 1998, the year the group put out their first album, Word On The Street. In 2000 Youngblood released Unlearn, which featured appearances by Talib KweliMike LaddDJ Skooly and Ike WillisUnlearn, which like Word On The Street was released independently, garnered the band significant attention and led to them being signed toOzone Music NYC. The band’s first album for Ozone, called center:level:roar, came out in 2003. They tour consistently in the United States and Europe, and in 2005 released a live album entitled live. places. on their Layered Music record label. Is That a Riot? (2006) was supported by multiple international tours and festival appearances. Their latest album, “Pax Volumi”, was released on September 9, 2013 by Tru Thoughts. The band is also known for frequent educational visits to a range of public and private institutions.”


“Kenny Vasoli expressed interest to Matt Watts, his manager and friend, about doing an electronic project after being inspired by LCD Soundsystem and other acts at the 2010 Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. Watts connected Vasoli to the band Body Language which had a studio based in the neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn called Landau Audio Design (LAD) . After one session the song “Great Love” was started and the musical relationship was established. Subsequent instrumental recordings were started in Brooklyn and sent to Vasoli, who would add vocals and bass guitar. The songs started to take on tropical qualities due to Young’s collection of Exotica, Polynesian, Hawaiian and Tropicalia Records. Most songs were sketched over email exchanges and then fleshed out at LAD.[4] Of the first 5 songs recorded “Trip” was decided to be the lead song and was self released in April 2011. Due to its press and publicity it earned the attention of several labels one of which being Downtown Records who subsequently signed the band. The band released its first LP in 2012 on Downtown records called Gone.[6] The band toured consistently throughout 2012 and early 2013 with Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Bombay Bicycle Club, Tennis, The Naked and Famous, Body Language and Niki and the Dove. Currently they are working on a second studio album due for release in 2014. It is titled “Relief” and will be released June 24, 2014.”


“Scott Hansen (born 1976/1977), professionally known as Tycho, is an American ambient music artist and producer, who is known asISO50 for his photographic and design works.[2][3][4] Tycho is currently signed to, and has released under, Ghostly International, but has also released music on Merck Records and Gammaphone Records.[5] His song, “Dictaphone’s Lament”, was used as the track on a music video entitled “Live Life to the Fullest”, which was made by and featured on the action cartoon block Toonami. Additionally, his song “Cascade” (originally made for an Adult Swim/Ghostly International compilation) was played during the final moments of the original 11-year run of Toonami in 2008.


These three bands are beyond musically talented and have entered to what I believe their own styles of music.  Young Blood Brass Band is a culmination of a brass band and hip hop group.  They have a strong message with their lyrics and powerful unique sounding brass section.  I just heard of Vacation about a year or two ago and anytime I need some island music Vacationer is what I turn to.  I got the chance to meet the lead singer Kenny Vasoli and the only thing I asked him was “Where’s the MERCH?!” He said they didn’t bring any so I was unable to get a Vacationer T-shirt. If I had to describe Tycho in one word it would be SERENITY.  His music is one of a kind with his unique bass and beat patterns.  You won’t find any lyrics in his music other than the small sound bytes but I think it makes his music his own with an ensemble of all encompassing sounds and flow.  Best part about these bands is that you can see them live for a decent price which is around $12-25.  Check out there tour dates because if you like what you hear on youtube you will definitely love seeing them live.


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