US Futurist Party – A Political Party that cares about the future of the world

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A subreddit devoted to the formation of the U.S. Futurist Party. The first open-source and online institution, the U.S. Futurist Party is a thirty year initiative to launch in 2015 and disassemble in 2045. Composed of regular forward-thinking citizens, we stand for the free and open internet as an inalienable right of online citizens, for economic liberty and Universal Basic Income, for online-legislation, for the movement towards space colonization, scientific freedom, and emerging technologies.

Platforms of the U.S. Futurist Party

IDeclaration of Internet Freedom

Establish Net Neutrality and the Open Internet as a right of online citizens across the world and institute free knowledge that all can access and build upon.

 II. : Universal Economic Rights

Establish Universal Basic Income as an unconditional economic and societal right for all U.S. adult citizens to ameliorate welfare, disability, food stamps, and public pensions.

 IIIScience, Technology, and Space

 Integrate emerging technologies research, foster international scientists without borders, and expand the human presence of the cosmos. Becoming a multi-planet civilization is an imperative for our species to survive.

Official Principles, Propositions, and Initiatives of the U.S. Futurist Party:



Elections and Legislation


Civil Liberties

Science and Technology

Foreign Policy


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