The Netherlands celebrates its first King’s Day in 122 years

For the past 122 years, the national holiday has always been called Queen’s Day. But with the abdication of Queen (now princess) Beatrix, the Dutch now have a male monarch in King Willem-Alexander. The overall tradition of Queen’s Day, which used to be celebrated on April 30th and which is now celebrated on April 27th – unless that is a Sunday – still holds.

The country marked its first-ever Kings Day since the occasion was first celebrated in 1890 when princess Wilhelmina became queen following the death of her father. Queen Juliana, Wilhelmina’s daughter, was crowned in 1948 and from 1949, the Queen’s Day celebrations honored her birthday on April 30. Queen Juliana’s daughter Beatrix became queen on April 30, 1980. Her birthday is on January 31, but Queen’s Day remained on April 30 – coinciding with Queen Beatrix’s own coronation day and her mother’s birthday.”


If you ever get a chance to check out what was formally known as “Queens Day” in Amsterdam its one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.  The city is flooded with the color of the queen which is now a Queen after 122 years.  A very special day for the people of the Netherlands congratulations!!!


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