Night School: New Late Night School Bus

Hey all you people by The Bay, now you can party in San Francisco and Oakland without worrying about how to get home!

Night School is a new late-night transportation service between Oakland and San Francisco that uses real school buses and employs school bus drivers!

It will kick off next weekend on Friday May 23rd and run during midnight to 4am.  It will run Friday and Saturday nights between 17th & Telegraph in Oakland and 18th & Valencia in the Mission.

Riders pay a monthly fee of $19 for unlimited passage – although there’s a special deal now where the first 100 riders pay only $10.

Download the app, which offers real-time arrival and location information, and you can “suggest a stop” and vote on where Night School expands to next.

And this goes beyond helping the riders, as Night School also plans to help the school district it’s borrowing the buses from – the company will donate 5% of profits to the Great Oakland Public Schools Leadership Center to support its Teacher Fellowship Program to recruit, train, and retain effective teachers. 

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