Arduino-powered, portable, palm-sized air quality monitor called the AirBeam

AirBeam is a wearable air monitor that maps, graphs & crowdsources your pollution exposures in real-time.



“The AirBeam uses a light scattering method to measure PM2.5. Air is drawn through a sensing chamber wherein light from an LED bulb scatters off particles in the airstream. This light scatter is registered by a detector and converted into a measurement that estimates the number of particles in the air. Via Bluetooth, these measurements are communicated approximately once a second to the AirCasting Android app, which maps and graphs the data in real time on your smartphone. At the end of each AirCasting session, the collected data is sent to the AirCasting website, where the data is crowdsourced with data from other AirCasters to generate heat maps indicating where PM2.5 concentrations are highest and lowest. As an open-source platform, modifying our components to take other measurements and or transmit the data to other websites or apps is easy and encouraged. We’ve even included an expansion port on the AirBeam to make adding sensors as simple as can be.”

The airbeam has four more days, as of November 14th, to reach their goal. Please go to the kickstarter page and help them!  I can’t wait to get mine!  You would be surprised how much of our air isn’t very healthy for us to breathe.

The data that is collected by the device works in parallel with your ANDROID smart phone to give you real time data about the air you’re breathing.



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