Giving, Getting, and Growing Organic and Green Technology with the Homeless

It’s vital for everyone to live and eat healthily. Unfortunately, certain socioeconomic conditions make it difficult to nearly impossible for organic foods and green technology to be accessible. The Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless is working to change that.

“It is important to share and train residents in green technology that we are involved in because poor and homeless people are being left out of the green development that we see burgeoning in our community,” Anita Beaty, executive director of Metro Atlanta Task Force…”

But the rooftop garden, which was first established in 2009, serves as a means to teach homeless people about urban food production and sustainable technologies, while also giving them the chance to feed fellow residents…” – Huff Po

“Everything involves the residents, and our whole building is a certification effort. The garden functions as a classroom where we can train residents in green technology, which is important because homeless and poor people are regularly excluded from green development.” – Munchies.vice.en

We could all do a little more to be good to ourselves and each other and it looks like this group is on a great path doing just that. Read more about it here at the Huffington Post or Munchies, and be sure to visit their website at


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