Smart Aquaponic System For An In-Home Hyperlocal Food

The Grove Ecosystem is a revolutionary way to have a small farm in your own home thanks to aquaponics and technology. Its compactly designed ecosystem uses fish, plants, and beneficial microbes to reliably grow delicious produce – including vegetables, herbs, and small fruits – in a space the size of a bookshelf.

The Ecosystem ships with everything you need to get up and running immediately. Grove OS walks you through the entire process – from planting your first seeds, to adding fish to your tank, to harvesting your first crops. As your seeds turn into sprouts and your plants become ready to harvest, Grove OS measures the health of your system and lets you know when to step in. In just a month and a half you can expect to be harvesting fresh, organic produce!

You can back it on Kickstarter for the next five days. What a great way to grow, eat healthily, learn, and even teach yourself and family! I especially like how they’re trying to integrate this into schools and give you the option to help a school get the system as well. I’d love to have one, or more, of these in my home!



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