Saving Marine Life, a Six-Pack at a Time, With Saltwater Brewery

Marine and other animal life have been constantly been effected by human waste. Soda caps, plastic bags, tampon applicators, you name it, have been ingested and are harmful to these defenseless creatures. You’ve seen these awful images your whole life:

It’s always helpful to recycle and cut every part of the plastic 6-pack rings so animals won’t get caught in them. However, the fact remains that these plastic pieces will remain on earth for 450-1,000 years before decomposing! That means, at the very minimum, our great grandchildren to the 14th degree (18 generations) will still contend with the very plastic that we’re flippantly tossing today.

Luckily, Saltwater Brewery is combating this. Utilizing the wheat and barley that would otherwise be discarded from the brewing process (another recycling aspect for the win!) they’ve created 6-pack rings that are biodegradable and even edible for any sea creature! Check it out:

So get yourself a tasty brew from Saltwater Brewery and hope that the rest of the world’s beverage bosses will take a note from this cool company concerned about the beings of today and the possibilities for our future.


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