Tips and Tricks about Dog Training for your new Puppy

I have a 3 month old puppy and I wish I would have known some of these tips.

Positive Reinforcement

Always try to be kind and patient with your dog.  Always talk to them in a calm voice.

She/He is there to love you with all their heart and they aren’t human so give them a break.

It takes a lot of training to get a dog into good habits and on a schedule.  If you haven’t already been doing these things with your puppy the time to start is now because they will stick with bad habits only if you let them.

Building A Schedule & Good Habits

Think about getting your dog before summer if you live in a cold climate.  You and the dog will want to be outside more if the weather is nice because you will be cooped up all winter together. ;]

Always try to take your dog out and feed them at scheduled times.

8am – walk then feed

12pm – walk then feed

3 pm – walk with some treats and half a bowl of food

6pm  – walk with other half of food

Remember that this all depends on your dog. Not all are the same.

Pre 1 Month = Times are hard to figure out, just remember when you feed them. Keep track of time.

1 months =  You have 1 hour before your dog needs to use the bathroom.

2 months = You have 2 hours before your dog needs to use the bathroom.

Your dog isn’t a machine though, so sometimes there will be accidents.

Write the times down if you can’t remember. Makes it easier to keep track of their progress.


This device will tell your dog when she/he is doing the right thing. Before the clicker It seemed that my dog was confused by what I wanted her to do.


Then I would reward with treats.

No Pull Dog Harness

I had my dog for 2 1/2 months walking on a harness that attaches from the back. She would pull me everywhere.

Now I have a front facing harness for a week now and she’s like a different dog.  When they pull on the leash it turns them around towards you. This is your battle with the pups attention span.  Whenever she looks at you click your clicker and reward. When they start to walk beside you, click that clicker and reward! They pick it up pretty fast.

Puppy Training Pads

Puppy Pads

These work wonders on cleaning up puppy messes when you can’t always take them out.  My dog likes to pee on these things, I have no idea why but it helps so much from having to clean up after them.

Be aware though if you have a puppy that likes to chew on things these pads can be ripped apart easily and the liquid absorbing gel inside of them probably isn’t good for the dogs.  My dog got a hold of a chunk of them but she is fine, it doesn’t say anything on the box about them being toxic but better to be safe then sorry.  They also have washable ones which I have in her crate for when she is in there in a while.

The key to these is to not get the dog dependent on them.  Slowly inch them towards your door as the days go by and the dog will eventually start asking to go outside.  I have a bell hanging from my door and when she needs to go she hits that sometimes.

Being Agressive & Biting

Puppies seem to test their boundaries when it comes to playing with humans.  This is normal but needs to be regulated before it gets out of hand.  Never ever try to show your dog agression.  They’re very perceptive and don’t deserve to be treated with anything but care.

I always use “No Bites!” (follow up with a “Ouch!”) and replace your hand with a toy.

Strangers Approaching your Dog to Pet Them

Your dog needs to be socialized with other people but needs to be regulated.  Dogs can develop bad habits with strangers.

Here are the steps to stop jumping.

Stranger -“Is it okay if I pet your dog?”

You – “Of course, but will you please wait until she is sitting? If she tries to bite say NO BITES Please!”

Stranger – “Okay”

Put the leash on the ground and step on it. (Remember to give slack so you aren’t pulling on the neck)

But enough to keep their feet on the ground so they can’t jump


Use treats as they are needed.  Best are used for training and rewarding of course.

For “SIT” they get one treat but when she goes to the bathroom outside she gets a couple of treats.

Keep in mind that you should only do this with low calories lean treats that don’t have a ton of fat in them.

Other Thoughts

If you want to see some videos on the subject I suggest:

*I’m not a certified dog trainer but I read a lot and watch videos and train with my dog.*


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